Iowa Rep Megan L Srinivas voices concern over HSB 646, a bill granting immunity to pesticide companies, including ChemChina, risking Iowans’ health.

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“Iowa Rep Megan L Srinivas “Today, HSB 646 passed through subcommittee—a bill that prioritizes foreign corporate interests above Iowa farmers’ lives. This would grant immunity to pesticide, insecticide, & rodenticide companies. This includes the Chinese-government owned company (ChemChina) that bans its own pesticide within its borders due to health risks, but wants amnesty for poisoning Iowans. Despite my ‘no’ vote, this concerning bill passed onto the Agriculture committee for consideration.

“I just came out of one of the worst subcommittees I’ve ever been on since I entered this legislature. It’s HSB 646. And what this does is it gives complete immunity to pesticide, insecticide, and rodenticide companies from any health consequences. One of the companies that’s bringing this bill up is a Chinese government owned pesticide called Paraquat. And Paraquat is so dangerous, has been linked to Parkinson’s at such a high correlation that the Chinese government has banned selling this pesticide within its own country, but they want immunity for all health effects here.

To me, Iowa’s farmers matter more than corporate interests, especially foreign government corporate interests. I voted absolutely no in subcommittee. Unfortunately, it’s Bill passed out with a 2 to 1 vote and will be in committee in the agriculture committee. So please do everything you can to stop this bill and save Iowans lives””

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