Intriguing Observation By Pilot On Recent Maui Fires

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by Boring Person

Intriguing Commentary:

While “independent” and social media videos are pushing the mismanagement of government, agencies #FEMA and #RedCross to push the Problem —–> Reaction part of the Hegelian dialectic, there is some serious censorship of commercial pilots that took place on August 8th (the day of the “fires” in Lahaina).

When there is a substantial “fire”, it is accompanied by smoke and possible aerial firefighting.

In order to have a conflict free airspace, pilots are issued a NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) specifying a TFR (Temporary Flight Restriction) for drones + private and commercial aircraft.

The NOTAM specifies the details of the TFR (All the restriction parameters including height above mean sea level, start and end times and dates etc.).

The Red color rectangle around Lahaina (see 3rd image below) is the TFR airspace up to 3000 feet above sea level.

According to, The Lahaina “fire” started on the morning of August 8th, 2023 (see 4th image below). The fire was declared 100% contained shortly before 9 AM the same day.

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Of course, all the MSM (pimp) media continued to call out fires beyond the 8th. So the truth is sketchy (I err on the side against pimp media).

The NOTAM TFR was issued on August 15 at 0213 UTC which is August 14th, 430 PM Hawaii time. The TFR ends on August 23, 2023 at 2130 UTC or 1130 AM Hawaii time (see 3rd image below).

Reason: To provide a safe environment for fire fighting.
They want to prevent aircraft and drones from being able to see what is going on for 8+ days, a week after the “fire” had been contained.

Sounds fishy? But wait. There’s more!

Pilots are encouraged to file a PIREP (Pilot Report) if they encounter severe or unforecast conditions.

A PIREP filed with ATC (Air Traffic Control) verbally, and in real-time, is most effective in a local area as ATC can quickly update other pilots on local frequencies.

I decided to go and check the ATC audio archives on (see 5th image attached).

The main airport for Maui is Kahului (OGG) in the center of the island.

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The archives are in 30 minute audio clips. They have Ground, Tower as well as North/South Departure/Approach control & frequencies.

Typically, as soon as an airplane takes off, Tower hands the pilot off to a Dep/App frequency within seconds after lift off.

went through the Dep/App archives for all of August 8th. More than 30% have been scrubbed (see 5th image below)!

This means that the PIREPs and any other ATC communication that took place that day, is something that Big Brother doesn’t want the world to know.

I wonder what all the pilots saw and what they reported. If anybody knows any pilots who flew in or out of OGG on August 8th, it is imperative one reaches out to them and learn the truth.

Censorship is the keystone of tyranny. We have entered the dragon.
Note there are 5 images here. Scroll though with L/R arrows at edges of each image.

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