India Won’t Let Germany, The US, Nor Anyone Else Meddle In Its Internal Affairs

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The emerging information warfare narrative being pushed by the West via Germany and the US right now is that India’s upcoming elections might be flawed.

The optics of Germany, the US, and even China commenting on India’s internal affairs, the first two of whom did so about the Kejriwal case without being prompted and while the third shared their thoughts about the terrorist-separatist one in response to a question, is that foreign pressure is being ramped up ahead of the upcoming six-week-long elections that’ll run from 19 April-1 June. Accordingly, India couldn’t let German and US meddling go on with impunity, especially since they’re fellow democracies.

They know better than to involve themselves in India’s internal affairs yet still did so anyhow with the intent of discrediting its electoral process, which is driven by their dislike of Prime Minister Modi’s conservative-nationalist domestic policies and his truly multipolar foreign policy. Under his leadership, India has partnered with the liberal-globalist West like never before, but it won’t compromise on its sovereignty. That’s a problem for this bloc, however, hence why it wants to pressure him on any grounds.

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