India Tells Israel to Deescalate

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by Chris Black

India is one of the last true friends of Israel.

Ostensibly, this is because of various economic deals they have, but the reality is that they have these deals because India feels close to Israel in that they are anti-Muslim, with the Pakistan situation and all that.

The Modi government especially is anti-Muslim.

That’s really a big part of the national identity, for presumably very obvious reasons.

I don’t think anyone can blame Hindus for being suspicious of Islam, given the history, but that has led to this buddy-buddy thing with Israel that doesn’t benefit anyone.

But at some point, it’s too much.

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Speaking at the BRICS+ summit on Tuesday, Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar reiterated New Delhi’s position on the conflict in Gaza, which has led to a humanitarian catastrophe involving thousands of civilian deaths and the massive displacement of people.

While he stated that there should be no compromise on terrorism, referring to Hamas’ October 7 attack, he stressed that the conflict is causing “immense human suffering, including to civilians, elderly, women and children,” and called for steps that would make “a difference on the ground,” paving the way for “lasting solutions” to the decades-old Israel-Palestine conflict.

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We welcome all efforts of the international community towards de-escalation. Right now, there is an urgent need to ensure that humanitarian aid and relief effectively and safely reach the population of Gaza. It is also imperative that all hostages are released,” Jaishankar said at the virtual meeting.

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