In the Name of Progress, Biden Will Take Away Your Truck

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via Mike Shedlock

Like your gasoline-powered truck? Sorry, Biden says you won’t be able to buy another.

Biden Is Coming for Your Truck

The Wall Street Journal accurately reports Biden Is Coming for Your Truck

This week’s Environmental Protection Agency tailpipe rule amounts to an imminent ban on gasoline-powered cars, never mind the soothing language of “incentivizing” a “transition.” Last year, 84% of all cars sold in America were powered by internal-combustion engines. By 2027, the government will restrict that share to 64%. In eight years, the cap will be 29%.

It’s also political malpractice. As he often has, Mr. Biden is dancing to the tune of a very loud if notably small progressive constituency—in this case, the climate lobby. It is made up largely of affluent city-dwellers—a white-collar elite. Climate is their First World problem, and they are going to vote for Mr. Biden anyway.

Arrayed against this coalition is everyone else. The White House press release touting its “historic progress” in electric cars struggled to quote any powerful players beyond the Environmental Defense Fund and Al Gore. Auto dealers—still powerful political players in many congressional districts—are actively campaigning against the rule, and more than 5,000 recently sent a letter to the White House decrying the rule as “completely unrealistic.” Manufacturers think it’s nuts. State attorneys general are gearing up to sue.

Mr. Biden has stepped crosswise with voters. Pollster Scott Rasmussen recently asked how respondents view new “regulations that would effectively outlaw the manufacture and sale of gasoline-powered cars.” Only 14% were strongly in favor. Nearly 60% were opposed. A slight majority of Democratic voters (53%) favored the idea, but 59% of independents and 76% of Republicans opposed it. Among income groups, only those earning more than $150,000 a year had majority support (51%).

The White House may not be able to tell a toy hauler from a travel trailer, but millions of Americans can and do—and won’t give either up without a fight.

It’s a tailor-made issue for Donald Trump, a perfect summation of his opponent’s radicalism. His campaign immediately trashed the rule as a diktat that will “force Americans to buy ultra-expensive cars they do not want and cannot afford while destroying the U.S. auto industry.” Just wait until he gets around to the bumper-sticker formula: “They’re coming for your truck.” An energy trade group has already been up with ads making that point in swing states, calling on Americans to reject Biden’s “EPA car ban.”

Biden Rolls Back EV Mandates, But Not Enough

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On March 20, I wrote Green Wave in Reverse, Biden Rolls Back EV Mandates, But Not Enough

Under EPA rules, EVs will need to be 30-40% of the market by 2030, down from the proposed 60%.

In the Zero Chance Category

Most popular gas-powered pickups emit about 430 grams of CO2 per mile. Under EPA’s final rule, trucks will have to average 184 g/mile in 2027, 128 g/mile in 2030 and 90 g/mile by 2032. Ergo, the companies will effectively have to produce one to two electric trucks for every gas-powered one in 2027. The ratio will be closer to four to one by 2032.


Biden rolled backed the EPA targets but as I said, “Not Enough”. Even with the rollback he is still coming after your truck.

This is one of many progressive pushes that will cost Biden the election.


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