In the face of corrupt laws and individuals, citizens are demanding accountability.

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Today, we’re diving into some jaw-dropping revelations that underscore the importance of holding our legal system accountable. It’s a tale of corruption, injustice, and the power of citizens to demand change.

First up, we have TYT’s Ana Kasparian, who’s sounding the alarm over a shocking new law in NYC. Can you believe it? If you’re caught dismembering a corpse, you don’t have to pay bail. It’s a chilling reminder that sometimes, the law itself can be corrupt, leaving ordinary citizens questioning, “WHAT THE F ARE WE DOING?!”

But it doesn’t stop there. Recent arrests in NYC shed light on the dire consequences of such laws. Four individuals, accused of dismembering two bodies, were released from jail despite the grisly nature of their crimes. It’s a stark reminder that this isn’t just about politics anymore—it’s about good vs. evil, and evil seems to be running rampant in NYC.

Meanwhile, in Seattle, residents are taking matters into their own hands to combat another form of injustice: serial squatting. Sang Kim, a purported serial squatter, has allegedly been living rent-free in a $2 million property, despite reportedly earning $400k a year. Publicly shaming squatters like Kim has become a rallying cry for justice, as landlords struggle to reclaim their properties and hold wrongdoers accountable.

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It’s a David vs. Goliath battle, where ordinary citizens are standing up against corrupt laws and individuals who flout the system. As the call for action grows louder, it’s a reminder that change is possible when we refuse to stay silent in the face of injustice.

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