Imagine a Country so Gay That You Can Be Arrested For a Halloween Costume

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by Chris Black

You don’t have to imagine it.

You can go there, and get arrested yourself.

With hostel beds in London being upwards of $50, it’s probably better to just sleep in the jail anyway.

The Sun:

A vile prankster who dressed as Manchester Arena bombed Salman Abedi for Halloween has been arrested.

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David Wootton, 40, posted photos online in an Arabic-style headdress and T-shirt with “I love Ariana Grande” penned across it.

His outfit was a reference to the devastating 2017 Manchester Arena attack by extremist Salman Abedi that left 22 dead and more than 1,000 injured.

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Probably worth noting that the same government that says you can’t make fun of Muslim terrorists is supporting the mass slaughter of Muslim children in Gaza.

Right now.

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