Illegal Invaders are ‘trashing free hotel rooms, drinking all day, smoking marijuana and having sex in the stairwell.’

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via Zerohedge: has obtained never-before-seen undercover footage from inside three of New York’s secret illegal alien compounds, at The ROW NYC, Randall’s Island, and Floyd Bennett Field.

The footage includes conversations with security guards who speak of stabbings, drugs, deaths, and other events inside these facilities. It also includes interviews with numerous illegal aliens living inside these compounds as they wait for Medicaid and government issued ID’s.

The ROW NYC is the 5th largest hotel in New York City. It has recently been turned into an illegal alien shelter. At max capacity, it holds around 5,000 people and it is estimated to cost roughly $500 per person.

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In the video, on duty security guards can be seen talking about cases of domestic violence and suicide in the hotel. One guard tells a story of a man who killed himself by jumping off the roof, another committed suicide by cutting herself.


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