If Trump can flip Virginia, the electoral map will be insurmountable.

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Could Trump win Virginia with Youngkin.

Kayleigh “Milktoast” McEnany isn’t letting a couple of cheap Donald Trump insults rattle her out of giving advice to her old boss, as the former White House press secretary threw out a suggestion for his running mate on Fox News – and with a name not many have been talking about.

The host of Fox’s “Outnumbered” appeared as a “Gutfeld!” guest panelist Monday night, where she suggested that Trump pick Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin. A political newcomer before he took office in 2022, Youngkin was endorsed by Trump but has maintained his distance from the MAGA movement.

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“We don’t know what [Democrats] have planned, so we need someone who can bring in independents,” McEnany said. “I’m going to throw a name out there: Glenn Youngkin.”


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