“If the U.S. economy is headed for trouble, no one told the junk-bond market.”

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SNAP Benefits Shows 1 in 8 Americans are on Food Stamps

The recent deal to raise the federal debt limit includes additional work requirements for some SNAP (food stamp) recipients. Despite misconceptions, SNAP, a major federal welfare program, has been in place for nearly 60 years. In April 2023, 41.9 million people (12.5% of the U.S. population) in 22.2 million households received SNAP benefits. The program operates nationwide and in select U.S. territories, with an average of 41.2 million recipients monthly in the 2022 fiscal year. Since its establishment in 1964, the program’s reach has significantly expanded.

Inflation Erodes Trust in Major Consumer Brands

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Public dissatisfaction with inflation is impacting the reputation of major consumer brands like Walmart, McDonald’s, and Amazon. Despite price increases slowing, their effects linger, causing declines in trust scores for various industries, including clothing, quick-service restaurants, and grocers, as reported by the Axios Harris Poll 100. The phenomena of sticker price hikes and “shrinkflation” have fueled political debate, but consumer buying habits remain largely unchanged, even as companies like Coca-Cola and PepsiCo pass on higher costs with minimal backlash.

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