If Gordon Ramsey is helpless, can you just imagine what the average Londoner is up against?

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Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay of “Hell’s Kitchen” and “Kitchen Nightmares” fame recently learned that his $16.21 million London pub has been taken over by squatters.

A group of at least six people have locked themselves inside the York and Albany hotel and gastropub near Regent’s Park, according to a report from the BBC. In addition to barricading themselves inside and boarding up windows, the squatters put up a “legal notice” claiming that they have a right to occupy the property.

The notice goes on to argue that the occupants have a right to claim the property, which is not a residential building, and therefore not protected under 2012 legislation that banned squatting in residential buildings.

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“Take notice that we occupy this property and at all times there is at least one person in occupation,” the warning sign reads. “That any entry or attempt to enter into these premises without our permission is therefore a criminal offence as any one of us who is in physical possession is opposed to such entry without our permission.”

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