Idaho teacher, 23, stuns TikTok after breaking down monthly paycheck and expenses – revealing PALTRY amount she is left with after paying her bills

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TikTok user @fouronacouch revealed that she makes $2,500 a month after taxes
After paying her rent and monthly loan bill, she was left with just $25
Many viewers were shocked by entry-level teacher’s salary…enses.html

A 23-year-old has shed light on the difficulties of making a living as a public school teacher after breaking down her paycheck and expenses.

TikTok user @fouronacouch, who did not share her name, filmed herself dancing in her empty classroom after realizing she was left with just $25 to last her the month.

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The eighth-grade English teacher in Idaho stunned many viewers when she shared that her monthly paycheck is $2,500 after taxes, which comes out to $30,000 a year.

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The average entry-level teacher salary in Idaho is $39,895, while the average public school teacher salary in the US is about $57,000.

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