I Thought Vladimir Putin Was Completely Isolated On The Global Stage

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by Chris Black

It’s almost like zionists are really losing badly, and this is why they are lashing out like divorced women.

Take a look at that, Putin is looking pretty free and visits with our best ally in the Middle East, or our second-best, former best, whatever:


Russian President Vladimir Putin landed in Riyadh on Wednesday, as part of his Middle East tour. He is scheduled to meet with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and other officials of the Kingdom, which is about to become a member of BRICS next month.

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Half a dozen high-ranking Saudi officials greeted the Russian leader as he stepped off the plane, and escorted him to the motorcade waiting to take him to the royal palace.

Earlier in the day, Putin visited the United Arab Emirates and met with UAE leader Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The Emirates put on a show to welcome him, with fighter jets drawing the Russian flag in the sky and his motorcade escorted by horse- and camel-mounted guards.

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Remember that the United States is actually saying they have an arrest warrant for Putin.

Interesting that Saudi Arabia, which is supposed to be an ally, isn’t honoring that.

Interesting they are literally joining BRICS.

It’s more likely now that Joe Biden would be arrested in the Middle East for what he’s doing to Gaza.

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