Hunter Biden’s sugar daddy is tapped out.

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In a stunning turn of events, Hunter Biden, son of President Biden, is facing a dire financial crisis just weeks before the start of his first trial. Kevin Morris, a prominent Hollywood entertainment lawyer and longtime supporter of Hunter Biden, has reportedly informed associates that he is no longer able to fund Biden’s legal defense due to depleted resources. The revelation comes as Hunter Biden prepares to defend himself against federal gun charges in Delaware and federal tax crimes in California.

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Key Points:

  • Hunter Biden’s legal defense funding collapses as Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris runs out of resources.
  • Morris, a key supporter of Biden, is unable to continue funding Biden’s defense as he faces two high-stakes trials.
  • Concerns arise about Biden’s ability to secure expert witnesses and essential resources for his defense.
  • Hunter Biden’s lead defense attorney, Abbe Lowell, signals challenges in trial preparation and requests for postponement are declined.
  • Biden’s financial crisis raises questions about the fairness and integrity of his legal defense.
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