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Pain at the pump as gas prices hit the HIGHEST seasonal level in a decade: Average price stands at $3.811 a gallon

  • The national average for a gallon of gasoline stands at $3.811, AAA data shows
  • The move is significant as it comes at a period when prices historically decline
  • Data shows 2023 to by atypical in this case, with the $3.811 average marking the second-highest September level in AAA records that go all the way back to 1994

Gas prices are now at their highest seasonal level in more than a decade – following a surprise rally toward the end of the summer driving season.

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The national average for a gallon of gasoline stands at $3.811 as of September 5, data from the American Automobile Association shows – topping fuel costs from this time last year by a full three cents.

The price has not been higher at this time of year since September 2012 when filling up at the pump hit $3.84 per gallon amid concerns about supply disruptions from the Middle East.

The seasonal high this year is significant because it strikes at at a time when gas prices generally decline as summer gives way to fall and people drive less. In addition, it comes on the heels of a surprisingly cheap summer despite travel seen on the Fourth of July – which historically pushes prices up.

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An extension to production cuts by major producers Saudi Arabia and Russia on Tuesday further ensnared an already tightened global supply, and seemed to have an almost instant affect.


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