How Michael Cohen’s livestreams could rock the Trump trial.

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In a courtroom drama worthy of Hollywood, former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen has taken to TikTok, unleashing nightly livestreams that could shake the very foundation of the trial against his former boss. As Cohen dishes on Trump, the trial, and ongoing testimony, the legal world watches in horror, fearing the fallout from his digital diatribes.

Legal experts sound the alarm, warning that Cohen’s antics could spell disaster for the prosecution. While his livestreams technically skirt the edges of legality, they cast a dark shadow over his credibility as a witness. With each broadcast, Cohen risks becoming a liability, a ticking time bomb threatening to derail the entire case.

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Former attorney Michael Avenatti pulls no punches, lambasting Cohen’s narcissism and ignorance as potentially catastrophic for the trial. As Avenatti languishes in prison, he watches from afar, his warnings echoing through the corridors of justice. Cornell Law School professor William A. Jacobson adds fuel to the fire, predicting that Cohen’s behavior will become fodder for the defense, turning the trial into a legal circus.

Amidst the chaos, Cohen makes a feeble attempt at damage control, vowing to end his livestreams. But the damage may already be done. As the trial grinds on, Cohen’s digital dalliances hang like a dark cloud over the proceedings, a reminder of the perils of social media in the courtroom.

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