How is AK government so incompetent?

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AG Tregarrick Taylor and $600-an-hour lawyer Make Massive Math mistake in Pebble Mine lawsuit- Sue Federal government for $700 Billion ( $700 million a year for 100 years is $70 billion)

No one checked the math on the state’s $700 billion lawsuit against the federal government, leading to a $630 billion error. $700 million a year for 100 years is $70 billion.

Before filing one of the largest lawsuits in the history of the United States, Attorney General Tregarrick Taylor must have put a lot of deep thought into his claim that the state is owed more than $700 billion from the federal government.

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And he would have quoted chapter and verse of multiple documents to keep from making himself and his $600-an-hour attorneys the subject of ridicule in the legal world, right?

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And he would have had someone check the grade-school math.


The only justification for one of the largest lawsuits in U.S. history is no justification at all.

It consists of this sentence on page 9 of the lawsuit: “In 2010, one EPA estimate of the Pebble deposit was $700 billion, or $700 million per year for 100 years.”

That’s it.




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