Houti just knocked out a subsea cable linking Europe and Asia.

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The Iran-backed Houthi terrorist group knocked out four undersea communications cables linking Saudi Arabia and Djibouti, a report by an Israeli news outlet claimed Monday.

The submarine cables were struck out of commission through sabotage in recent months, alleged Israeli news outlet Globes.

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Telecom firms linked to the Yemen government have previously said they fear Houthi rebels are planning to sabotage a network of seafloor cables in the Red Sea critical to the functioning of the western internet and the transmission of financial data.

Attacks by the Houthis are widely considered to have damaged the cables believed to belong to the AAE-1, Seacom, Europe India Gateway (EIG), and TGN systems.

The knock-out marks serious disruption in communications between Europe and Asia and a new step in the battle to stop the group’s efforts to dominate across the vital Red Sea shipping lanes.



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