Houston grapples with heat, power cuts after major storms… Mosquitoes swarming city. Future could bring even more!

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In the wake of severe storms that left thousands without power and caused significant damage across the Houston area, residents are now contending with a surge in mosquito populations. The National Weather Service has warned of the risk of heat stroke as temperatures soar, complicating recovery efforts for those affected by the storms that have claimed at least seven lives.

Key Points

  • Storms with winds up to 100 mph caused widespread damage and left over 800,000 without power.
  • As of Saturday, more than 500,000 people remain without electricity.
  • President Joe Biden issued a major disaster declaration for seven Texas counties.
  • The storms have exacerbated an already bad mosquito season due to the area’s wet and warm conditions.
  • Experts link the increase in mosquitoes to climate change, with warmer temperatures and increased rainfall providing ideal breeding conditions.
  • Residents are advised to take precautions, such as using EPA-approved repellents and eliminating standing water where mosquitoes can breed.
  • Harris County Public Health focuses on controlling mosquitoes that can carry diseases like West Nile virus.
  • Mosquito populations are comparable to previous years, but residents report high nuisance levels and larger mosquitoes.
  • Local doctors recommend protective measures, including nets over strollers and regular use of bug spray.
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