Housing market conditions at historic lows, mortgage rates hit 20-year records, signaling economic downturn.

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The housing market is in uncharted territory, with buying conditions plummeting to levels not witnessed since 1960. Mortgage rates have plunged to their lowest in two decades, setting off alarm bells for economists and analysts alike. This downturn is particularly concerning because the housing market often foreshadows broader economic trends, reacting swiftly to fluctuations in interest rates.

Quantitative analysis reveals the stark reality: evictions moratoriums have sent rents skyrocketing, pushing a staggering 12.1 million Americans into the precarious position of spending over half their paychecks on rent and utilities. The repercussions are dire, with the number of CEOs resigning soaring by 28% month-over-month, marking an unprecedented exodus from corporate leadership positions.

As CEOs flee and housing conditions deteriorate, it’s clear that the economy is teetering on the brink. These indicators paint a grim picture of the challenges ahead, highlighting the urgent need for proactive measures to mitigate the looming downturn.

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