Hidden in the Spending Bill – Justice Department Announces the New Government Regulatory Group to TRACK ALL GUN OWNERS… (and take their guns)

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Someone should have read the bill before signing it.

Biden DOJ launches new center to promote track all gun owners to determine if they’re a threat, and then take their guns.

You know who’s going to be determined to be a threat right?

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Worse than the ATF.

Unelected officials will determine who can and cannot own guns, based off of whatever critera they decide. Then claim its not politically based.

Each individual they select/convict, will individually have to fight all the way to the supreme court, to get their 2nd amendment rights back. The same way individuals have to do now when targeted by the ATF. They know that most people don’t have that kind of money. So they’ll target anyone they want to.

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The slime from Canada is oozing down into America and soon your guns will be taken too.



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