Hedge Funds Fully Invested at 99%, Icons Like Buffett and Soros Strategically Unload Holdings

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The current scenario paints a stark picture of the market dynamics, as hedge funds find themselves in a position where net exposure to the “magnificent 7” has surged from 12% at the beginning of the year to a staggering 99%. This dramatic shift suggests a significant reduction in the number of buyers. High-profile investors like Warren Buffett made strategic moves, exiting UPS and making substantial reductions in HP and Chevron holdings. Soros Fund Management, overseeing George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, also made strategic shifts, selling Nvidia shares while acquiring a substantial 80,000 shares in Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. Adding to the complex landscape, Apple insiders engaged in record monthly sales volume, totaling $88 million in October over the past two years. These maneuvers highlight a nuanced and dynamic market where investors, both institutional and insider, are making strategic adjustments amid changing market conditions and perceptions.

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In 3Q 2023 Warren Buffett fully sold his positions in Activision Blizzard, General Motors and Celanese. Top-5 changes in his portfolio:

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