Health Insurance Premiums Skyrocketing Again

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The price of energy and food, along with most other things, has risen rapidly since Biden took office, as Democrats have sought to destroy energy industries and have issued costly regulations as fast as they can.

Now the WSJ has written an article showing that health insurance costs are skyrocketing again, with the biggest increases seen in years.

Employers and workers are expected to see an increase of about 6.5% or higher in health plan costs next year. Health insurance costs are climbing at the steepest rate in years, with some projecting the biggest increase in more than a decade will wallop businesses and their workers in 2024.

But somehow WSJ journalists didn’t notice the elephant in the room: a new proposed dictatorial rule from Biden taking away low-cost options.

To get the “Affordable Care Act ” passed, the public was intentionally lied to that premiums would go down substantially, even though taking away freedom of choice as to what kind of policies people could buy would reduce competition, and prices skyrocketed.

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