Heads Up – UK Media Telling Citizens To Prepare For Grid Down

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The reliance on pristine Green Energy in the UK appears compromised. Stocking up on candles and batteries raises concerns amid potential grid meltdowns.

Citizens Should Have Candles, Battery Radio in Case of Global Instability or Cyber Attack Says Deputy UK PM

Security threats are “more numerous, more complex, and are evolving” and people accustomed to a digital world should be prepared to survive in an analogue one, including by building personal resilience stashes, the UK has said.

The British Government has established a Resilience Directorate and will shortly be establishing a “resilience website” to inform the public how they can improve their chances of surviving global events, a direct attack on the digital devices that run our world, or even the electricity network that powers them. Warning that “it could be tomorrow that one of these things hits”, the British government minister with responsibility for resilience and Deputy UK Prime Minister, Oliver Dowden warned that “because society has so massively digitised,” it may be less resilient than previous generations.

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