Harrison H. Smith: “90% of Americans will work their a** off all week to pay for this, and we still have to do our own laundry.”

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Harrison H. Smith

What if, instead of taxing you, the government gave you
$1400 cash every month?

What if it paid your rent (up to $9000/mo)?

And bought your groceries? And paid for a maid and laundry

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What if it paid for your air travel?

What if it offered free baby sitters, free daycare and

What if they paid for all your healthcare, including
hospitals and dentists?

What if it held community events where all the kids in the
neighborhood got to go on free field trips?

What if it was pouring billions of dollars into improving
the infrastructure in your neighborhood?

Because they are doing all of this and more for illegal

And I’m not just saying “What if” rhetorically. Really
think about how your life would be if you got all that shit.

It’s excessive, honestly.

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But this is how the government is treating total foreigners
who have never contributed a day’s work to this country.
All because they downloaded an app and clicked the “I’m
claiming asylum” button.

90% of Americans will work their ass off all week to pay for
this, and we still have to do our own laundry.


” Freeloading migrant influencer mocks US taxpayers who ‘work like slaves’ while waving cash in latest videos.”

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