Got to replace the money lost on the gas tax! Drivers hit with new $178 fee just for owning an EV – hybrids face charge too as officials insist it’s a ‘temporary fix’

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AMERICAN drivers with electric vehicles and hybrids will be hit with a $178 surcharge as a part of a new transportation bill.

Vermont EV and hybrid owners are hit with a fee implemented to make up for a loss in revenue from gas tax money.

The payment for car owners with batteries is because fully electric cars do not have to go to the pump ever, local NBC news affiliate WPTZ reported.

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At the same time, hybrids fuel up much less than a typical gas car.

The state’s sprawling transportation bill has been signed into law by Governor Phil Scott.

Drivers can expect to start being hit with the surcharge on January 1, 2025.

Owners of fully electric cars will have an additional $89 charge when they register a car for one year

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Pennsylvania has a pilot program, they want to charge gas vehicles 8cents a mile for not switching to EV

The Proposed Pennsylvania 8 Cents Per Mile Driven “Tax” Isn’t Off The Table

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