Google plans to layoff thousands of employees in their finance, business operations due to AI. Plans to relocate jobs overseas.

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The layoff spree in the tech industry is showing no signs of slowing down as Google announced restructuring plans, which involve some employees being laid off. According to a report by CNBC, Ruth Porat, chief financial officer, Google sent a memo to employees informing them about company’s new plans. The layoffs will be impacting employees in Google’s finance division.

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“The tech sector is in the midst of a tremendous platform shift with Al,” Porat wrote in the memo, according to the report by CNBC. “As a company, this means we have the opportunity to make more helpful products for billions of users and provide faster solutions to our customers, but it also means we collectively have to make tough decisions, including how and where we work to align with our highest priority areas.” Google didn’t confirm the exact number of employees being let go in the latest round of  layoffs.

The restructuring will impact teams around the world, including those in Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East, according to the report. Google also plans to create more centralised hubs in Bangalore, Dublin, Mexico City, Atlanta and Chicago.

In her note, Porat said that change is difficult and the company is sad after laying off employees. “We are sad to say goodbye to some talented teammates and friends we care about, and we know this change is difficult,” she said.

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