Good news. Europe is so full of crazy war mongers and it’s relief to see someone sane in there.

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Ukraine-sceptic government ally Peter Pellegrini wins Slovakian presidential election
Close ally of populist prime minister Robert Fico claimed 53.85% of vote, beating pro-Western opposition Ivan Korčok

Guardian staff and agencies
Sat 6 Apr 2024 18.49 EDT
Nationalist-left government candidate Peter Pellegrini has won Slovakia’s presidential election ahead of liberal, pro-western opposition candidate Ivan Korčok.

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The close ally of populist prime minister Robert Fico received 53.85% of the vote with the ballots from more than 98% polling stations counted by the Statistics Office in Saturday’s runoff election, topping former foreign minister Korčok who had 46.14%.

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Speaking in Bratislava, Pellegrini vowed “to ensure that Slovakia remains on the side of peace and not on the side of war”.

Korčok conceded the defeat and congratulated the winner. “I’m disappointed,” he said, adding that he respected the result.


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