Gold miners offer historic opportunity amid inflation and market skepticism.

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As inflation takes center stage, financial markets are witnessing historical patterns reminiscent of the 1930s-40s, challenging the fixation on the 1970s comparison. Tavi Costa emphasizes that inflation evolves in waves, with the current environment resembling the distressed energy sector of 2020, eventually leading to two years of outstanding performance.

Undervalued gold miners are capturing attention, with dividend yields hitting historic highs. Costa points out that even seasoned precious metals experts are wavering in their convictions. Drawing parallels to the energy sector’s remarkable turnaround in 2020, Costa sees an unprecedented opportunity in the gold mining sector.

John Rubino notes a peculiar trend in mainstream money tiptoeing into gold miners, despite the assumption that big gold miners should thrive with gold near all-time highs. The divergence raises questions about the relationship between gold and its miners. Rubino suggests two possible conclusions: either the relationship is fundamentally broken, or this divergence signals an undervalued opportunity.

Jordan Roy-Byrne highlights the recent bounce in Gold, Silver, and gold stocks from strong support levels at $2000 and $22.00, respectively. The rebound follows an oversold condition, raising considerations about potential downside breaks and evaluating the robustness of support levels. The evolving dynamics in the precious metals market add complexity, inviting investors to navigate carefully in this environment.

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Gold & Silver have bounced from support at $2000 and $22.00 and the gold stocks have rebounded from a very oversold condition on Wednesday. But what if $2000 and $22.00 are broken to the downside? We evaluate the strong support levels in Gold, Silver, GDX, GDXJ.

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