@SuburbanDrone: ‘Global crash starts this week but gets totally out of control on Labor Day’

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‘Two weeks ahead of last year’s schedule based upon the oscillator and the 50 dma.

At the lows, the oscillator was one year oversold, now it’s back to overbought.

Worst case, global crash starts this week but gets totally out of control on Labor Day.’

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If home prices decrease by 5%, more than 200,000 households could be at risk of falling into negative equity, essentially ‘going underwater’ on their home loans, per CoreLogic.

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Sizing Up the US Housing Bubble

Home prices have massively diverged from real disposable personal income (DPI), with prices being roughly 80% above where they should be, indicating an understated bubble. This discrepancy is attributed to the Federal Reserve’s tendency to create financial bubbles by maintaining low rates for extended periods. Despite the Fed committing to a 2% inflation target, there is skepticism about their ability to measure it accurately, leading to increasing bubbles over time and a shrinking middle class.

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