Gigantic ocean triple the volume of all of Earth’s surface oceans has just been found

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The scientists from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois have discovered a reservoir of water that is three times the size of all of Earth’s oceans, deep beneath the planet’s surface. This underground water supply rests some 700 km beneath our feet.

The quest to find the origins of Earth’s water led researchers to the massive find—a colossal ocean ensconced within the Earth’s mantle, over 700 kilometres below the surface.

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This hidden ocean, concealed within a blue rock known as ringwoodite, dares our understanding of where Earth’s water came from. The size of this subterranean sea is triple the volume of all the planet’s surface oceans combined.

This new discovery not only enthrals with its scale but also proposes a new theory about Earth’s water cycle. It recommends that instead of arriving via comet impacts, as some theories have posited, Earth’s oceans may have slowly seeped out from its very core.

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