Get ready: The U.S. will supply Taiwan with the latest weapons not old ones like to Ukraine

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The U.S. will supply Taiwan with the latest weapons, not old ones like to Ukraine — Michael McCaul, in a conversation with Lai Ching-te, McCaul informed him that he has been pressuring American defense contractors and the Biden administration to deliver weapon supplies to Taiwan as quickly as possible.

McCaul wants Lai Ching-te to be his cowboy ‘Haggis’


Taiwan will receive important weapons from the US sooner than expected

An extra 18 high-mobility artillery rocket systems (HIMARS) will be delivered to Taiwan earlier than expected. Specifically, the rocket systems will be delivered in 2026 instead of 2027 and 2028 as initially committed by the US.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the sanctions imposed on American defense companies and officials are the result of slander and unilateral sanctions by the United States against Beijing. China recommends that Washington admit its guilt in creating the Ukrainian crisis. As for the Taiwan issue, the U.S. must understand: by crossing the red line, they will pay a high price.


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On May 27, the PLA Air Force’s Wing Loong-10 unmanned aerial vehicle flew over the waters of the East China Sea.Presumably, the drone was conducting electronic warfare tasks against Japanese military radio-electronic equipment.It is known that the drone is used for electronic warfare. It is designed to detect electromagnetic signals in the 100-300 MHz range at a distance of 200 km, has a maximum takeoff weight of 3200 kg, a maximum operational altitude of 12,500 m, a flight endurance of 8 hours, and a flight speed of 520 km/h.

North Korea launched a missile. Japanese TV published a video of the missile, which presumably exploded in the air.

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China is preparing ferries and civilian ships for an invasion of Taiwan — The TelegraphBeijing lacks landing craft, but 10 years ago it issued technical instructions to shipbuilders that would allow many of its civilian vessels to be used for military purposes. They have already been used in military exercises.Civilian ships can be used after the destruction of Taiwan’s coastal defenses.Giant ferries, tankers, and container ships, each capable of carrying hundreds of armored vehicles.Experts note that amphibious assault under fire is “one of the most complex military maneuvers.”American intelligence believes that Xi Jinping is preparing to take the island by 2027. China will be able to transfer about 300,000 troops and equipment through the Taiwan Strait within 10 days.

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