Germans expected to build their own bomb shelters

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There are only 579 functional bomb shelters in Germany, so the plan reportedly sees citizens setting up their own shelters in places such as basements and garages. Bild quoted the head of the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance, Ralph Tiesler, as saying that building new shelters is “no longer feasible” due to time constraints.

Germany has been looking for ways to boost its army, citing the threats stemming from the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The government has set the goal of increasing the size of the Bundeswehr from 183,000 soldiers to 203,000 by 2031.

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Defense Minister Boris Pistorius stated this month that Russia could attack a NATO country “within five to eight years.” He later somewhat adjusted his assessment, telling Bild on Friday, “At the moment, I don’t see any danger of a Russian attack on NATO territory or on any NATO partner-country.”

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Russia has repeatedly accused NATO of fearmongering and stoking tensions in Europe. The head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergey Naryshkin, recently dismissed the claims that Moscow is planning an attack on NATO as “informational warfare.”

Good luck with those in home in the basement make do bomb shelters.

Your home isn’t bound to hold up, neither is its basement.

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