Gen AI! New Atlas killer robot from Boston Dynamics leaked. $100b OpenAI plan… and new project to TRY to avoid our extinction.

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New Atlas robot from Boston Dynamics/OpenAI, leaked $100b OpenAI plan and a new project to avoid our extinction.

$100b Slaughterbots. Godfather of AI shows how AI will kill us, how to avoid it.
Apr 19, 2024
New Atlas robot from Boston Dynamics and Figure 01 from OpenAI, leaked $100b OpenAI plan and a new project to avoid our extinction.
Sam Altman, Elon Musk, Geoffrey Hinton, Sora.

On the border between France and Switzerland is the biggest science experiment humanity has ever built. Over a 100 meters underground, there’s a tunnel 27 kilometers long in a big loop under nearby homes, businesses, and farms. Inside that tunnel, scientists built a blue tube big enough to crawl through, and inside that tube, they put two pipes that they keep colder and emptier than outer space.

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Down those pipes, they fire particles smaller than atoms in opposite directions…. and push them faster and faster… until when they’re almost at the speed of light… they SMASH TOGETHER.

This underground particle-smasher is also known as the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. It took thousands of scientists from over nearly 100 different countries $5 billion dollars and 30 years to plan and build.

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My question is: Why? Why did they do that??? Why spend so much money and time to smash particles underground? And now… why do so many scientists say what we really need to do is build… a BIGGER one?

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