French President Macron again refuses to rule out sending Western troops to Ukraine

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“If Russia won, the lives of the French would change. We will no longer have security in Europe,” said Macron, adding that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s appetite for territory may not stop with Ukraine.

“Wanting peace today means not letting Ukraine fall.”

Macron spoke on the eve of meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk in Berlin on Friday.

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The meeting will take place almost three weeks after a Ukraine strategy conference in Paris, to which Macron invited around 20 heads of state and government and which ended in a minor scandal.

At the closing press conference, Macron did not rule out sending Western ground troops to Ukraine – a position which Germany refuted several times in the following days.

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Macron insists of becoming the Great Man that provoked the start of WW3.


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