Free College Tuition in MN Only for Illegal Immigrants in 2024/2025 $117,000,000 Cost

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Get out of Democrat states.

Meanwhile, people born and raised in Minnesota receive no such benefits.

If the Minnesota government continues to spend their taxpayer’s money, they will be bankrupt in the next five years or less.

Minnesota to provide illegal immigrants with free college tuition

Under Minnesota’s free tuition program, illegal immigrants will have their full tuition paid for if they enroll in a two or four-year program.

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Under Minnesota’s free tuition program, dubbed the “North Star Promise,” illegal immigrants will have their full tuition paid for if they enroll in a two or four-year program within the University of Minnesota or Minnesota State systems and come from a household with an income of $80,000 or less,

To be eligible for the free tuition, applicants must have either graduated from a Minnesota high school or have lived in the state for a year without being enrolled in college full-time. . .

The program will begin in the 2024-2025 school year and is expected to cost $117 million in its first fiscal year,

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Predicting. . .

1) MN will go broke very soon and will start asking for fed bailouts.

2) Huge numbers of illegal immigrants will soon be living in MN.

3) Sadly MN will soon resemble Chicago and errupt in violence along racial, ethnic, and relgious lines as competition for low income housing and jobs not requiring English skills becomes fierce. Overcrowding will exasperate the situation.

4) Huge waits (like in CA) for all low-cost medical services.

5) Mass exodus from MN of middle and upper-middle class residents burdened by HUGE tax increases and increased violence.

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