France preparing to send ground troops to Ukraine.

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People interested in the Ukraine conflict might have noticed the discussions about reinstituting the draft in several major European countries in the last months like the UK, Germany and France.

In the last 2 weeks several countries like Germany and France signed bilateral “defense” agreements with Ukraine which allowed for sending soldiers in case of war.

At a security conference with over 20 European countries participating Macron now laid out what all of this was about:

France’s President Emmanuel Macron said on Monday he refused to rule out sending ground troops to Ukraine, but said no consensus existed on the step, at a meeting of 20 mainly European leaders in Paris convened by Macron to ramp up the European response to the Russian military advances inside Ukraine.

Protecting France’s strategic ambiguity he said “there is no consensus to officially back any ground troops. That said, nothing should be excluded. We will do everything that we can to make sure that Russia does not prevail.”

He pointed out that past shibboleths such as sending long-range missiles and planes had been cast aside, adding “people used to say give them just sleeping bags and helmets”. He said: “We must do whatever we can to obtain our objective.”

It is the first time there has been such open discussion of nation states collectively looking at providing troops to support the depleted Ukrainian military manpower.

Speaking at the end of the meeting, Macron warned: “There is a change in Russia’s stance. It is striving to take on further territory and it has its eyes not just on Ukraine but on many other countries as well, so Russia is presenting a greater danger.”

“Macron, speaking about the possible sending of troops to Ukraine, “is playing a warlord ,” says the leader of the French far-right, Marine Le Pen. According to Le Pen, Macron must be aware of the seriousness of such statements, because we are actually talking about peace or war in France.”

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