Fox News: “Former NBC News ‘disinformation’ reporter becomes CEO of The Onion” #NotTheOnion

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NBC News’ former “disinformation” reporter has become CEO of the fake news website The Onion.

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“NEWS: My friends and I now own and run The Onion. I’ll be the CEO,” Ben Collins announced Thursday on X. “We’re keeping the entire staff, bringing back The Onion News Network, and share the wealth with staff. Basically, we’re going to let them do whatever they want. Get excited.”

Collins, who covered “disinformation, extremism and the internet for NBC News” according to his old author page, has not tried to hide his left-wing political leanings, often firing off liberal missives on social media. He was so furious over Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter that it reportedly got him temporarily banned from covering the billionaire in 2022, and he fumed over the reporting about the “Twitter Files” that revealed internal communications between Twitter employees as they made the decision to block the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop reporting in 2020.

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