Food Inflation Is Not Yet Dead (Cocoa, Beef, Coffee Prices Soaring As Deutsche Bank Cuts 3,500 Jobs)

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by confoundedinterest17

Hey Joe! Food inflation isn’t dead yet!

The Biden Administration which motto should be “Make Crime Great Again!” with awful crime in big cities, and millions pouring over the border, not to mention providing jobs for foreign workers and not native born Americans, is likely breathing a sigh of relief as food inflation falling to 2.7% year-over-year, still higher than pre-Covid levels under Trump. But at least food price inflation is slowing as The Fed’s money stimulus recedes.

But food inflation may not be dead. 

Cocoa prices climbed to a 46-year high this week in New York as concerns about dry conditions across West Africa could reduce yields for the Ivory Coast, the world’s largest producer of cocoa beans, ahead of the mid-crop in April.

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In the US, a rapidly shrinking cattle herd, now at the lowest levels in seven decades, has pushed the supermarket price of beef to a record of $5.21 per pound. Rising food prices are the central bank’s worst enemy.

To end the week, breakfast lovers will be disappointed to learn robusta bean prices in Vietnam, the world’s largest producer of the bean, are absolutely out of control.

Local robusta prices in Vietnam hit a record on Thursday, topping nearly 80,000 per kilogram.

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“That’s threatening to push prices in London up further, even after the benchmark capped its own all-time high this week at $3,336 a ton,” Bloomberg said, adding the surge in prices was primarily due to farmers “hoarding” the bean.

To recap this week, cocoa bean, beef, and robusta bean prices have been marching higher.

More bad news for Biden. Even though overall food inflation has receded, voters have long memories.

Speaking of bad news, The Teutonic Titanic (aka, Deutsche Bank) just annouced that it is cutting 3.500 jobs over the next two years.

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