Florida road rage drivers shoot each other’s DAUGHTERS!

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This is the horrifying moment two Florida fathers go berserk at each other after allegedly shooting each others’ daughters.

The video starts with Frank Allison, 43, yelling obscenities at William Hale, 35, after the pair are said to have fired the rounds during a road rage incident near Jacksonville.

‘That’s what you get!’ Allison is heard yelling. Allison then offers his shirt to his 14-year-old girl Shelby, who is being helped by cops after she was allegedly shot in the back by Hale.

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After a back-and-forth between Allison and police, Hale is then seen being read his rights.

His five-year-old daughter, who is not seen in the footage, was allegedly shot by Allison in the leg.

Hale declines needing a lawyer before police say they will ask him questions, which is not shown on video.

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Much of the video is muted, as both Allison and Hale relay information to the police, including Allison, who said he ‘would never, never put (his daughter) in a position.’

‘Do I have to ride in an ambulance?’ Shelby, who suffered a punctured lung, is heard saying. Both fathers were arrested on charges of attempted murder.



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