Finnish Study: Conservatives Found To Be Happier Than Progressives Or ‘Woke People’

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Behavioural scientist Dr Gad Saad discusses the idea that political orientation is “correlated with happiness”, as outlined in his new book, ‘The Saad Truth about Happiness’.

This comes as a Finnish study has found a high prevalence of anxiety and depression among people who hold woke beliefs.

“Specifically, conservatives, on average, are happier than liberals or progressives, or, as the Finnish study says, woke people,” Dr Saad told Sky News host Rita Panahi.

“Now I offer an explanation for that in the book. And I basically argue that when conservatives wake up in the morning, by the very definition of the word conservative, they think that there is a set of values that are worth conserving in the current society. So they wake up with a sense of existential happiness.

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“On the other hand, the wokester wakes up with existential doom, right – ‘we live in a transphobic society. We live on stolen land. We live in a misogynistic society. We’re committing genocide on Indigenous people’.”

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