Finland on the verge of outlawing Christianity

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Oh, the irony, considering Finland’s hatred of Russia and Russians because of communism – which outlawed, persecuted and even murdered Orthodox Christians.

Newest NATO Country Escalates Prosecution Of Christians For Quoting The Bible

The appeal escalates this U.S. ally’s prosecution of leftist politicians’ opponents, a marker of repressive regimes

In an appeals court Thursday, Helsinki’s top prosecutor said publicly quoting the Bible and publishing a booklet about Christian sexual ethics violates Finland’s “hate speech” law.

The prosecutor has charged Member of Parliament Paivi Rasanen and Bishop Juhana Pohjola for writing and publishing, respectively, a booklet supporting natural marriage.

“This [case] is a God-given wake up call for Christians and others worried about the direction our society is going,” Pohjola said in a post-court press conference Friday morning U.S. time. He noted convicting a religious leader for publishing theological documents would in effect criminalize Christianity in Finland and encourage similar oppression worldwide.

Rasanen is also criminally charged with posting a Bible verse to X (formerly Twitter) and stating Christian theology in a radio interview. The prosecutor wants all recordings of the radio interview taken down and the booklet to be unavailable online, and fines levied against both Christians.

Cases like these are increasing globally. In Mexico this month, a former politician lost an appeal of his conviction for “gender-based political violence” for describing a transgender man as “a man who self-ascribes as a woman.” Earlier this year, U.K. banks closed down top politicians’ accounts over their non-leftist views.

A Canadian pastor and his family recently exiled themselves to Kenya after the government began seizing the bank accounts of lockdown opponents. Minnesota is moving to place teacher licensing requirements that effectively ban Christians from working in public schools.

I’m just now reading another article on communism in Minnesota and ran across this bit:

This is also seen in Minnesota with Somalis, and may have been equally true for Scandinavians in nonurban Minnesota, such as radicalized Finns from the Iron Range, from whence came Gus Hall, the last head of the American Communist Party.

I don’t know what the “Iron Range” is or was (mining?) but if Finnish Americans were/are commies, then it has to go back to Finland. I also don’t know about the war between the Russians and Finns and always assumed the Finns hated the communists but now I think that’s wrong and it was likely just Russians they hated and hate, without objection to their former communist system.

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