FCC involved in cellphone radiation coverup.

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In a shocking revelation, the FCC joins the ranks of government agencies accused of withholding critical health information, further fueling concerns over the impact of cell phone radiation on public health.

Key Points:

  • The FCC concealed test results revealing smartphones exceeded federal radiation limits when in close proximity to the human body, sparking outrage over the agency’s actions.
  • Despite testing smartphones in 2019 and finding radiation levels exceeding safety limits at 2mm separation distance, the FCC delayed releasing this information until 2023, raising questions about transparency.
  • The FCC’s failure to disclose crucial data comes amid ongoing lawsuits regarding the health effects of cell phone radiation, casting doubt on the agency’s integrity and motives.
  • Advocates emphasize the need for transparency in regulatory agencies and call for comprehensive oversight to protect public health and ensure accountability.
  • The FCC’s actions have significant implications for public health, as individuals unknowingly face potential risks from prolonged exposure to cell phone radiation.
  • Critics denounce the FCC’s prioritization of industry interests over public health concerns, highlighting the agency’s failure to fulfill its regulatory obligations.
  • Calls for reform and stricter testing protocols echo concerns over the long-term health impacts of wireless technology, urging policymakers to prioritize public safety.
  • The FCC’s history of concealing vital information underscores the urgent need for greater transparency and accountability in government agencies tasked with safeguarding public health.



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