Fani Willis DISASTER! Multiple LEAKS prove STAFF want her FIRED!

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Exclusive–Former Employees Reveal Fani Willis’s Extreme DEI Training: Forced to Associate ‘White’ with ‘Bad’, Judges Ranked on Skin Color

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis subjected her employees to mandatory race training, forcing the entire office to rate “Black” or “White” skin colors as either “Good” or “Bad,” according to training slides and video exclusively obtained by Breitbart News.

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“If you didn’t participate in the quiz, you got fired,” a source exclusively told Breitbart News about Willis’s policy.

Sources who shared the race training with Breitbart News wished to remain anonymous for fear of retribution due to their direct knowledge of the “corrupt” and “hostile work environment” inside the District Attorney’s Office.

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Sources described the race training as a directive straight from Willis, “[who] injected racism [into the office] from the second she got hired.” Willis won election in 2020 and is up for reelection this November. In 2021, she began probing former President Donald Trump.

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