Family who sold out our country…

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The most corrupt, treacherous, and vile family in American history.

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‘They Were Bragging’: Anna Paulina Luna Says Biden Is In ‘Big, Big Trouble’ Over Business Allegations (the corrupt FBI & DoJ will get right on that)

Republican Florida Rep. Anna Paulina Luna stated Wednesday that President Joe Biden is in “big, big trouble” as “more evidence” piles up, and predicted there will be a “vote on impeachment” during the 118th Congress.

Luna discussed the “evidence” that she and her fellow Republican colleagues on the committee have brought forward on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

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“I’ve been championing this for a while, you know, what we’re seeing coming out now, especially with those screenshots of those checks. It’s very interesting. The more evidence we come out with, the more they want to change the terms and, frankly, Federal Code 18 US [sic] 201 basically states that you cannot have public bribery of a US official,” Luna stated. “So I think that he’s in big, big trouble.”

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