“Every Aspect Of Your Lives Will Change By 2030” – Sunak

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“Britons will see ‘almost every aspect’ of their lives change over the next five years as the country enters one of its most dangerous eras, the Prime Minister will warn tomorrow.

In a major speech, Rishi Sunak will say he feels a ‘profound sense of urgency’ to tackle the threats facing the nation while also seizing the opportunities to build a more secure future.

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He is expected to say Britain is at a ‘crossroads’ – ahead of the election and a defining period for the West – while warning that Labour could leave the country exposed.

Rapid advances in technology, a global rise in immigration and authoritarian states increasingly working together will mean ‘more will change in the next five years than in the last 30‘, Mr Sunak will say.

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But while warning of the dangers, the PM is set to outline his ‘bold ideas’ to capitalise on the opportunities presented by an increasingly interconnected world”


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