Europe shut down due to snow.

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Europe is currently in the throes of the coldest weather it has experienced in two decades, with the United Kingdom being hit hard by plummeting temperatures. The Met Office has recently issued a fresh yellow weather warning for snow and ice, covering significant portions of the country.

The areas expected to be most affected include the Midlands, Yorkshire, and north and central Wales. The Met Office predicts adverse conditions that could impact roads and railways, leading to longer journey times for those traveling by road, bus, and train.

The severe weather conditions have already taken a toll on various events, with sporting activities bearing the brunt. Manchester United’s football team, scheduled to fly to Newcastle for their upcoming game, faced a setback as their flight was canceled due to the inclement weather. As a result, the team is now compelled to travel to the north-east by coach.

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These disruptions underscore the challenges posed by the current cold spell, affecting transportation and daily activities across multiple regions. The adverse weather conditions have prompted authorities to issue warnings and advisories to ensure public safety.

NY POST: Travel chaos worldwide as heavy snow blankets European cities to Hawaiian peaks

Travel was halted across Europe Saturday as heavy snow blanketed cities and freezing temperatures set in following a week of deadly early-season storms.

Flights were grounded in Munich and Dublin Saturday after a winter storm dumped snow across southern Germany and parts of Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic, disrupting travel across the continent.

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Hundreds of flights in and out of Munich were canceled and not expected to resume until Sunday morning, the airport announced.

Video captured airplanes and the tarmac at Munich Airport blanketed in white as crews worked to clear the wintery mess.

Delays of an hour or more were reported at London, Vienna and Zurich airports, according to tracking service Flightaware.

Ten Dublin flights were canceled, including one arriving from Munich and another departing to Amsterdam, as snow and icy conditions made for treacherous conditions, the Irish Independent reported.



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