EU Bows to Israel Even More Than Previously Thought Possible

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by Chris Black

Make no mistake: this is entirely due to Israel committing genocide in Gaza.

The fact that this is taking place on the EU level is also a sign of desperation.

Centralization of micromanaging type behavior as a way to keep an empire together is a sign of very small confidence in the stability of the thing.

Of course, you don’t have to be working in Brussels to see that the thing is not stable.

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It’s already over.

Censorship is always a sign of failure.

It is more specifically a sign of the process of failing, as if you still have the ability to censor people, you haven’t totally failed yet.


The European Commission on Wednesday pledged to step up its fight against hate crimes throughout Europe, as ongoing military conflicts have been fuelling antisemitic and anti-Muslim incidents across the continent.

The commission said it would increase spending on the protection of places of worships, including an increase of 5 million euros ($5.4 million) to address threats of rising antisemitism.

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It said it would also push for stronger rules to counter illegal hate speech and other threats online under a code of conduct signed with online platforms, to be finalised in the next three months, in addition to the stricter regulation for large online platforms that has been introduced earlier this year in the Digital Services Act.

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