EU adopted the Migration Pact today… EUR 20,000 fine per rejected migrant

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The pact introduces a “mandatory migrant relocation quota system,” essentially compelling all states to accept a portion of migrants arriving by boat to the EU. Those who resist could face substantial fines of EUR 20,000 per rejected migrant. Notably, only Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia stood against this infringement on their sovereignty.

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While proponents argue that the pact aims to manage migrant arrivals more effectively and establish uniform procedures, it’s crucial to recognize the erosion of national sovereignty inherent in this mandate. By coercing member states into compliance, the EU is overstepping its bounds and dictating immigration policies that should rightfully be determined at the national level.

Furthermore, this one-size-fits-all approach fails to consider the unique circumstances and challenges faced by individual countries. It disregards the importance of national identity and the right of nations to control their borders and immigration policies.

As conservatives, it’s imperative that we stand firm in defense of sovereignty and resist attempts to centralize power in supranational entities like the EU. Let’s engage in a thoughtful discussion about the implications of the EU Migration Pact and its impact on our nations.

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EU approves new rules for migration.

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