Equinix appears to have gone “all-in” on accounting manipulation.

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Equinix’s recent financial report, following an “independent investigation” into alleged accounting manipulation, has raised significant concerns. Despite claiming exoneration, the investigation, led by the company’s own audit committee, lacks transparency and fails to address detailed evidence presented earlier. The company’s Q1 financials show suspicious anomalies, including minimal revenue growth paired with high spending on supposed “growth” CapEx, all while actual physical infrastructure growth declines. Equinix’s approach, marked by apparent inconsistencies and red flags, suggests a deeper issue that new management may inherit as the CEO steps back in Q2.

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Key Points:

  • Equinix conducted an “independent investigation” overseen by its audit committee, which concluded that its practices were flawless, despite external reports alleging accounting manipulation.
  • The company’s failure to address findings from external reports and the lack of transparency regarding the investigation raise concerns among investors.
  • Q1 financials show minimal revenue growth, negative free cash flow, and contradictory spending patterns, raising questions about the company’s financial health.
  • Equinix’s plans to increase “growth” CapEx despite low projected revenue growth suggest potential misalignment between spending and actual business growth.
  • With the CEO stepping back, the company’s approach to addressing the issue and its potential impact on future management remain uncertain.
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